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What is this course about?

This ten hour course is designed to help teachers understand the precursors to, creation of, and implementation of The Common Core State Standards Initiative. No matter which U.S. state we teach in, we are impacted by the Common Core federal policy in some way. Common Core greatly impacts our teaching, but the history and purpose of Common Core can get lost in the shuffle of new standards, strict teaching paradigms, and assessment tools. American students and teachers face a new challenge in implementing Common Core or suffering certain consequences if their states choose not to implement the federal mandate. A brief introduction to Common Core is important so that teachers can understand the reasons behind all the new regulations and how and why these new regulations apply to them and their classrooms. The minimum time for participant completion of this course is 10 hours over two days. Participants must be logged in to the course for at least 100 minutes over two days to receive credit for this course. 

  • Approved for 1.0 Continuing Education Unit (CEU) = 10 Hours (10 clock hours)
  • Approved by Nevada Department of Education (NVDOE) as 0.5 CEUs for Nevada Educators

Prior Approval

It is suggested that you use the syllabus linked below and this standard Prior Approval Form to seek approval from your individual licensing agency before registering for this course. 

Course Cost

  • $49.95